Butt Kicking Librarians!

James Augur:
When Mr. James Augur hears, "Oh, you're a librarian," he often wonders what the reaction would be if he mentioned he holds a second-degree black belt in Shotokan karate and a first-degree black belt in Okinawan kobudo. As a public reference librarian at the Ontario City Library, James relieves stress by sparring and working out with fellow karateka at the USKL Defense Arts Center in Upland, CA.

"James has his serious 'kick-butt' karate side, but he can also be very funny," says his supervisor, Joanne Boyajian. "He delights in collecting odd customer questions, such as 'Do you have any law books that show laws on out-of-body experiences? And when exactly was New Jersey kidnapped by aliens?'"

Andrew Pulau Evans:
After spending a long hard day at the reference desk, Chief Instructor Andrew of Hokkien Martial Arts relaxes by choking the heck out of his martial arts students. Imagine what he does to those with overdue materials...

People often say, "You're a what? A librarian? You don't look like a librarian!"
Fellow librarian James Karafelli said, "The stacks are safe when Instructor Andrew is at the reference desk!"
Anonymous patron said, "This guy is dangerous. He can beat the heck out of you with his martial arts skills, sue you with his law degree, and then look up the information using various print and electronic resources."
Instructor Andrew said, "We must save the public domain and end copyright perpetuity by repealing the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act."

Brad Matthies:
Before becoming a librarian, Mr. Brad Matthies worked in two prisons and was in the Army National Guard. He studied Western boxing, Wing Chun Kung-fu, PPCT, and also holds a bachelors degree in criminal justice. After three years of training in Tae Kwon Do, he earned his first degree black belt in May of 2008. Mr. Matthies is also president of the Butler University Taekwondo Academy. Below is his 3rd gup promotion photo (back when he was received his 3rd gup).

"A colleague brought your martial arts librarian page to my attention... I'm all for combating librarian stereotypes..."

Steve Mitchell:
Sensei Steve Mitchell has a first degree black belt in Shudokan karate, a brown belt in Aikido and has practiced Tai Chi. He is head of reference at the Estes Park Public Library where he has worked for 18 years. He is also the author of "Steve McQueen Would Be Proud," which is a novel about his experiences in the navy during the Vietnam War. In his martial arts photo below, his wife Lori who studied Tai Chi is on the left.

Kurtis Kelly, a colleague who wrote a review of his book said, "You might suspect that bribes, threats and payoffs were involved in the writing of this review. While itís true that my library colleague is a karate black-belt, he cannot be accused of applying such persuasion to advance his literary career."

Virginia Sanchez:
Virginia Sanchez is a Cho Dan in Soo Bahk Do and studies with Sa Bom Nim George Dolby in Lakewood, CA. She loves Soo Bahk for its emphasis on artistry, practical application, and scholarship. Currently she is the Adult Services Librarian at the Dana Library in Long Beach, CA. She has worked in the library of a community college, a private high school, various State agencies and a few public libraries, the most unique being as Community Library Manager on Santa Catalina Island. She is also a Petty Officer, 2nd Class, in the United States Navy Reserve, where she dazzles and baffles her shipmates with her non-sequiturs and research skills.

Long Beach Public Library colleague and fellow U of A Library School survivor Shawn Nelson writes, "The strength, commitment, and grace that are involved in learning and mastering Soo Bahk Do are exactly what Virginia is made of. She brings strength to every aspect of her life while gracefully maneuvering life's challenges; her force tempered with the delicateness of a controlled mind."

Articles, Papers and Resources:

The Martial Arts Librarian: Tai Chi as a Metaphor for Librarianship by Lee Ratzan, Ph.D , School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies, Rutgers University and Master Andy Lee, Chief Instructor, TaiChiUSA.com. Originally published in the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association's Worklife, Vol. 2, No. 6, June 2005.

Warren Graham is an expert on library security procedures.

Black Belt Librarians book Every Librarianís Real World Guide to a Safer Workplace

Batgirl was a Librarian Fighting crime and stereotypes

Warrior Librarian Weekly Librarians who refuse to be classified

Salt Lake-Moanalua Public Library has an 800-piece collection of martial arts DVDs and books.

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